Fluke Networks has released a new version of its NetAlly VoIP Assessment and Troubleshooting Software designed to help eliminate risk associated with deploying or expanding VoIP services.

Version 7.0 of the package works by assessing the current state of the network and previewing the service before it is deployed on that network.

This allows maximum call volume and call quality to be determined quickly, while saving money by reducing post-deployment troubleshooting, according to the company.

Assessing a network, a requirement of many leading IP PBX manufacturers, makes VoIP deployments faster, more successful and less costly.

However, a recent Gartner Research report highlighted the fact that some enterprises and integrators still do not perform proper predeployment assessments of the enterprise network.

It said this often leads to unplanned additional costs or deployment delays.

NetAlly claims its software shortens installation time periods by performing proper network assessments, detecting deficiencies in the network and pinpointing where corrective actions and fine-tuning need to take place.

The company offers users a preview of the VoIP service as it will be delivered over a production IP network.

It says that, unlike network simulation software, the package generates traffic over the actual network and provides responses based on real-world measurements.

This allows IT professionals to determine if there is sufficient network capacity to support a proposed VoIP project.

NetAlly version 7.0 is the result of Fluke Networks’ acquisition of key technology from Viola Networks, announced in August 2008.

The new software version is available for immediate delivery worldwide.

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