NACT and VOIPFUTURE announced an agreement that establishes NACT as the exclusive distributor of VOIPFUTURE’s Voice Services Monitoring capabilities in the United States and Canada.

NACT is a provider of prepaid application solutions (NACT’s Vinci, and Vinci Softswitch), having sold and installed more than 650 switching platforms – in 26 countries – that control more than 12 billion minutes of traffic annually.

VOIPFUTURE specializes in VoIP monitoring and test equipment. Their solution enables communication service providers to monitor the quality of voice traffic crossing their IP networks, and use the data to troubleshoot problems, optimize the performance of their networks, and document the quality of individual call minutes exchanged between peering partners.

The technology of VOIPFUTURE is based on its own unique speech recognition algorithm which delivers precise information on the voice quality within a telephone conversation and on the service quality status for an entire network.

The company’s Smart RTP Monitoring Probes are passive, non-intrusive measurement devices located at demarcation points in the network, such as SBCs, gateways or peering points. According to VOIPFUTURE, the integrated solution for network optimization, SLA verification and troubleshooting shows superior performance for full line rate analysis at 1 Gbit/s.

“Offering competitive voice services poses a number of challenges that are influenced by the dynamic behavior of IP networks, and effective, easy-to-use monitoring capabilities play an essential role for voice service providers,” said Jan Bastian, CEO of VOIPFUTURE.

“NACT’s new management understands our industry – and they’ve aligned all of the resources that we feel are necessary to develop a market for our technology in US and Canada,” ha added.

Arnie Goodstein, President of NACT, said: “Of all the VoIP monitoring technologies we’ve looked at, VOIPFUTURE provides a level of granularity and quality that is simply unmatched by any other offering.”

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