LifeSize Communications is well respected in the VoIP industry for their UVC video conferencing platform, especially since it is entirely software-based. They’ve recently announced some incredible innovations that will make video calls on mobile devices easier than ever.

According to LifeSize VP and general manager of video solutions Michael Helmbrecht, the software platform will now include a unique bridging capability, allowing for video calling amongst multiple parties in a virtual environment.

The company launched their UVC software platform back in February, after many years of development. They’ve faced stiff competition from larger companies in the market, such as Polycom and Cisco Systems. But while those behemoths focus on hardware-based systems, LifeSize is taking advantage of the increasingly mobile focus in the marketplace.

Today’s workforce is all about mobility, so having the option to create a video conference on a tablet or smartphone as well as on a desktop or laptop computer is incredibly enticing. Hence, LifeSize’s UVC Multipoint. The multiparty video conferencing software is incredibly easy to use, and can scale upwards to meet increasing demand.

LifeSize promises rock solid service, with reliable connections even in the extreme case of a system failure. And with each company employee able to start and manage their own video conference from wherever they are in the world, it’s clear that the UVC Multipoint fills an important void in the market. Each company that purchases the software will have one interface for administration, which means a shorter learning curve, and anyone with the license key can use it.

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