LG-Nortel has responded to an expected doubling of IP phone penetration in businesses this year by launching a new line of desktop IP Phones.

Geared towards business users and carrier-hosted VoIP services, JD An, vice president, Enterprise Solutions at LG-Nortel, said the IP Phone 8800 series had been designed to meet rising demand for IP phone solutions from enterprises.

"LG-Nortel has worked diligently to meet this demand with the industry’s most feature-packed, cost-effective IP phones," he said.

An said models in the series extend from entry-level units designed for ease of use by employees, to feature-packed models providing a range of communications features.

These include:

  • multi-line support
  • a phone directory screen
  • Bluetooth wireless headset support

The series also provides support for common protocols, including Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and Media Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP) ensures compatibility with a broad range of VoIP call servers, according to An.

"In an era where businesses are looking for the most cost-effective telephony solutions possible, VoIP has become the option of choice for businesses of all sizes," he said.

An said the standards compliance LG-Nortel IP Phone 8800 series makes it easy to install and manage, while providing employees with the right mix of features to help them work more efficiently and become more productive.

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