IPsmarx released their newest innovation for the prepaid phone card industry that is said to allow Calling Card and Pinless Service Providers to expand their network of sales agents, increase their customer base, and reduce operating costs.

The development came about when IPsmarx discovered, through internal client surveys, that there are two unmet needs in the prepaid calling card industry:

1. The ability for end users to recharge pinless accounts in person, without using internet or a credit card.
2. The ability for an agent at a retail location to recharge an end user’s pinless account over the phone.

“Traditionally, the prepaid calling card market has consisted of consumers who pay cash in person for printed cards,” said Carrie Fedders, Account Manager with IPsmarx.

"This segment of the market typically doesn’t have access to the Internet, may not feel comfortable using a credit card or simply do not own a credit card. However, with the growing trend of pinless dialing, which is much more convenient for consumers, we decided to develop a solution so cash paying customers can still take advantage of the convenience of having a pinless calling account, without having to pay online with a credit card,” he said.

With the new Retail Store Recharge feature, service providers can now enable their retail store agents to recharge customers’ PINless calling accounts in person. Agents also have the ability to recharge customers’ accounts over the phone through IVR (Interactive Voice Response,) allowing service providers to sign up agents that may not have access to a computer or internet at their retail locations.

Since only a phone is needed to complete the transaction, this new system enables service providers open up a non-traditional network of PINless agents such as ethnic grocers, restaurants, and small convenience stores.

“The release of this unique feature, furthers our mission to help our existing client base of Calling Card Service Providers expand their businesses,” says IPsmarx CEO, Arash Vahidnia, “The calling card market is changing rapidly and with the development of cutting edge features such as this, we can be certain that our clients are in the forefront of the competitive marketplace.”

According to IPsmarx, Calling Card Service Providers who implement this new feature benefit from reduced operating costs – namely calling card printing and marketing costs. Further, they are able to expand their existing network of sales agents and increase their recurring business, thus increasing market share, and, lastly, by offering a singularly unique feature in the competitive calling card landscape, “they are leaps and bounds ahead of their competition.”

The company claims that customers who depend on calling cards to stay in touch with friends and family living in foreign countries will be the biggest winner of this new technology. “They’re able to experience greater convenience by retaining one primary calling card carrier instead of buying single use cards each time they need to make a phone call.”

Watch a video on the new Retail Store Recharge Over the Phone system.



IPsmarx SIP Based Calling Card Platform has been named our “Product of the Year Award” in 2008 and 2009.

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