March 10th, 2010 – IPsmarx, a leading provider of VoIP application and switching solutions for service providers, has just been awarded ‘Best VoIP Product of the Year’ for their SIP-based calling card platform. This is the second time in as many years that IPsmarx was selected a winner by the readers of for their experiences with the product, as well as the vendor.

According to, the companies that consistently come up as winners are those that “continue to innovate, focus on development, and have launched some amazing products into the market.” The other categories included Smartphones, HDTV and Storage. evaluates candidates for Best VoIP Product of the Year based on 3 primary criteria:
1) Innovative product solutions that deliver new and compelling functionality to the market;
2) Customer’s favorable response to the product; and
3) Overall customer satisfaction with the company.

IPsmarx’s SIP-based calling card softswitch eliminates the need for VoIP gateways, PSTN lines or configuration. This makes it extremely easy to deploy and begin generating revenue. The all-in-one system includes the IVR, authentication and account balance reconciliation, call routing, as well as CDRs for statements. The system can offer both pin-based and pin-less calling cards.

Unique to the IPsmarx solution are the marketing and payment tools that help service providers grow their business faster. Such tools include an E-store, which allows customers to go online and check their balance, call history, and recharge their account at any time. Other marketing features include promotional discounts, bonus points, referral program, an e-mail marketing tool and a complete set of reseller capabilities. It offers a variety of payment options including auto recharge, recharge through IVR and gift cards. The system also has the ability to monitor usage, create grace periods, and set surcharge fees, rounding parameters, and billing criteria.

“We are proud to be selected again for the Product of the Year award,” said Arash Vahidnia, CEO of IPsmarx. “Many SIP solutions are commoditized, so we strive to develop products that not only provide all the necessary services, but that offer unique capabilities, as well, such as our Pin-less calling card.
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About IPsmarx
Headquartered in Reston, VA, IPsmarx is a leading provider of VoIP applications and switching solutions to service providers, carriers, ISPs and calling card providers. IPsmarx has multiple office locations in North America and the Canada, and has their solutions deployed in over 60 countries.

IPsmarx designs solutions that provide competitive service providers with a complete suite of software, hardware, management and billing tools, training and support, allowing them to market scalable, turnkey and reliable offerings to SMBs and enterprises.

For information on products and service offerings, please go to:, call in the US 1.703.779.3594, in Canada, 1.416.665.6999, in the UK, or send an email to [email protected]

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