IPsmarx announced the release of Breeze, their new line of VoIP Mobile Dialers that can be used with smartphones, such as the iPhone, Windows Mobile, and Android devices.

By implementing IPsmarx Breeze, VoIP service providers can offer their own branded VoIP application that will enable their end users to make and receive calls using Wi-Fi or 3G on their smart phones.

According to press release, with Breeze, end users "enjoy the convenience of using their smart phones’ existing contact list and advanced features like Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, Music on Hold, and Call Transfer, while making cost saving calls using the internet."

“The Pre-paid Press estimates mobile smart phone traffic to increase by 700% over the next five years and according to latest statistics published on itmag.com, the mobile VoIP market will be worth US $32.3 billion by 2013 and when 2019 rolls around, half of all mobile calls will be made over all-IP Networks,” said Andrea Lopez, Senior Tech Sales Representative for IPsmarx.

“Consumers and businesses are changing the way they communicate and service providers have to stay ahead of this trend by offering VoIP on smart phones,” she added.

Because IPsmarx maintains an in-house development team, they are committed to updating the Breeze application as smart phones and their operating systems evolve.

“This furthers our mission to enable our VoIP Service Provider clients to stay ahead of VoIP trends and offer competitive features to differentiate their service in the constantly evolving VoIP marketplace,” said Arash Vahidnia, IPsmarx CEO,

“By implementing Breeze, we expect to see our existing clients greatly expand their businesses. Service Providers who have not migrated to IPsmarx yet have the opportunity to use IPsmarx Breeze with their existing Softswitch or IP-PBX platform without having to invest in a new softswitch."

Combined with the IPsmarx Multi-Tenant IP-PBX System, Breeze is a superior mobile VoIP application for enterprises as it can be used as an extension in the PBX system.

Breeze also supports VoIP Tunneling Technology and if integrated with IPsmarx Tunneling server, it can work from blocked areas or from behind firewalls for both incoming and outgoing calls.

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