IPsmarx Technology has released what it describes as a user-friendly all-in-one solution for managing billing routing, taxation, and complex routing tables.

The company claims the new VoIP Softswitch will allow carriers to reduce their operating costs by automating billing and customer management processes.

Aimed at wholesale VoIP carriers, it integrates call routing, SIP and H323 handling, advanced billing, client management, taxation and reporting.

Arash Vahidnia, CEO of IPsmarx, said the solution offered enhanced security features and advanced database technology.

"Carriers will also benefit from our new enhanced features, such as Distributed Architecture and Advanced Least Cost Routing along with carrier grade reliability," he said.

In May, IPsmarx launched Unified Customer Management (UCM), a solution designed to streamline the billing process for service providers.

Vahidnia said the new wholesale softswitch was designed based on the needs of the current carrier market.

He said trends such as package billing and promotional bundles have been developing in the VoIP wholesale space.

"So this new IPsmarx solution will include management tools for carriers to design their own promotional offers and rate packages," he said.

The solution is intended for carriers at all growth stages, from start-ups to larger carriers.

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