Smoothstone IP Communications has developed a mobile interface that allows corporate call centers to be controlled from anywhere in the world using the iPod and iPhone.

The company says Apple’s new support for corporate security standards allows it to provide a secure, enterprise solution for IT professionals to use when they are out the office environment.

Utilizing the new technology available in Apple’s handset, clients with Smoothstone’s Intelligent Call Control (ICC) suite can now use the mobile version of the revolutionary ICC application to:

* Manage call queues across multiple locations in real time

* Reroute any calls to any other agent or call center location on the fly

* Transfer held calls through a drag-and-drop interface

* See instant statistics and analytics of call activity and agent performance

* Listen to live calls via Bluetooth headset or speaker

* Record and review calls for training and quality assurance

The announcement comes a year after the initial launch of Smoothstone’s ICC suite, a completely integrated solution.

ICC requires no customer purchased equipment, is flexibly priced according to client size, and can be tailored to each organization’s individual needs.

ICC is a part of Smoothstone’s comprehensive managed solution for mid- to large-size enterprises, which delivers next generation applications over Smoothstone’s nationwide, private, MPLS network that utilizes proven Cisco Systems technology.

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