Vocalocity has launched a user dashboard that works through a Web browser rather than through separate PC software.

The development gives users of its hosted IP PBX service click-to-call functionality and on-screen call summaries – functions previously only available to web-based VoIP solutions.

While many IP PBXs let users click to make calls and view calling activity on their computer screens, hosted services typically haven’t had such capabilities.

The new Vocalocity service enables managers and staff to see the real time status of all extensions in their organization.

Called the VocalocityPBX Dashboard, the new features allow phone administrators to create customized views organized by user and status, in an interface similar to instant messaging services.

The Dashboard provides all users with an at-a-glance view of the people in their organization or on their team, along with the status and availability of the user.

Vocalocity says other benefits of the Dashboard include:

  • Summary view of all active calls, conferences and queues
  • Real-time view of co-worker status – on a call, away, etc.
  • Click-to-call features, enabling users to dial any external number with a click of the mouse
  • Simple status options to update co-workers, such as "Do Not Disturb"
  • Instant access to a directory of all company extensions

David Politis, executive vice president and general manager of Vocalocity, said the Dashboard might not seem like a groundbreaking feature.
But he said it was significant for customers and their ability to work more efficiently.

"This feature allows our customers to use their hosted VoIP system more effectively, enabling them to see who is on the phone or who is available in real-time, as well as if they want to take a call or route it to someone else in the organization," he said.

Politis said managers could also use Dashboard to monitor employee phone use, such as how long a team member has been on the phone or who they are on the phone with.

He said the developments were fuelled by customer demand for more visibility in their call activity.

Vocalocity is offering the Dashboard as a standard feature for all new and existing customers.

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