IPsmarx was named as joint winner of the 2008 voip-biz.news Product of the Year Award last week for its SIP-based calling card platform.

Carrie Hartford Fedders, account manager with IPsmarx, spoke to voip-biz.news about the solution, which eliminates the need for a VoIP gateway and PSTN lines using DID (Direct Inward Dialing) technology.

She said that removing the need for a gateway in the network reduced both initial costs and overheads for operators.

This meant savings could be made on initial investment of between 30-40 per cent compared to a calling card and gateway solution.

As well as being more feature rich, the new platform also gives operators the flexibility to use fewer channels and upgrade when needed – as opposed to paying for T1/E1 lines.

"When our sales people are talking to prospective clients, the main challenge is to convince them that they do not need a gateway in the network," she said.

"People are so used to having it that they don’t believe it’s no longer required.

"We really do feel that we are on the cusp of this new technology.

"It’s a very innovative solution, which others are not offering."

IPsmarx was founded in 2001 and initially offered a calling card platform designed for enterprises that needed a more effective way to manage their billing.

Hartford Fedders said it grew quickly from there, with the company’s in-house developers continually adding new and more advanced features.

The development progressed with the addition of a software switch.

"Now we have all different kinds of solutions that enable businesses to offer VoIP and Calling card systems, the latest being our SIP-based platform," she said.

While not needing a gateway in the network has streamlined equipment requirements, it has also added flexibility to the platform.

Hartford Fedders said that in situations where a client’s business was growing, adding new capacity and lines was no longer a time-consuming and costly business.

"Now you simply have to upgrade the software license with us and order more DIDs," she said.

"So the long-term benefits are very attractive to our clients."

Since the IPsmarx platform takes advantage of SIP Based DID technology, operators can provide calling card services to customers worldwide, where DIDs are available, and they only need one platform.

Hartford Fedders said they had clients in 62 countries around the world, with the main markets being in North America, Latin America and the UK.

"Every region demands different features and operators have certain fees they like to apply to a service in a particular country," she said.

IPsmarxs portfolio of VoIP and IP telephony solutions and services includes:

* Prepaid and Postpaid Calling Card and Residential Solutions
* Softswitch IP-IP Billing Solution
* CallShop and Hosted CallShop Solution
* VoIP Termination Solution
* Wholesale Carrier Solution
* Carrier Services
* VoIP Network Integration, Configuration and Migration Solution

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