Intelecom has announced that it has obtained the rights to sell the 1World1Phone mobile phone.

The VoIP communications provider will sell the handset separately as well as a package with the 1Button to Wi-Fi adapter.

The latter is a consumer located, VoIP switching device developed by WorldTel Xchange that enables both fixed VoIP (Home phone) and cellular VoIP (CoIP) wireless calling for the individual and commercial enterprise consumer.

Intelecom said the new phone is 3G, Quad Band compatible and has dual SIM cards and it functions like two phones with an unlocked GSM.

It also features a removable back so that the batteries can be changed for longer usage when charging facilities are not available.

1World1Phone is compatible with all the 36 carriers operating in the US. It can also work with all GSM carriers worldwide.

The phone has a memory of 2 Gigs and the device is capable of supporting 4 Gigs, 8Gigs or16Gigs memory cards. The company plans to sell memory cards and also SIM cards suitable for 130 countries.

Earlier this year, Intelecom entered into a strategic alliance with WorldTel Xchange which developed the 1Button to Wi-Fi COIP (Cellular Over Internet Protocol) technology which allows it to sell the product.

It can be used on any cell phone, PDA, BlackBerry or Apple’s iPhone to convert it into a Wi-Fi phone for covering large areas.

Customers will be entitled to five hours of international calling which comes with the adapter.

Intelecom also announced its entry into the Web 2.0 and social network arenas by launching a fully monetized green social platform called My Social Income or MSI, where up to 50 per cent of the advertising revenue and the profits received from the sale of its 1 Button to Wi-Fi COIP, 1World 1Phone, Web 2.0 communications and marketing suites will be shared with all its members.

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