Ingate Systems and Dialogic Corporation have announced a partnership that will allow enterprises using legacy PBX and Contact Center systems to adopt SIP trunks as a replacement for traditional PSTN voice services.

The companies said they have completed the necessary testing to validate the Dialogic 2000 Media Gateway Series (DMG2000) as interoperable with Ingate SIParator and Ingate Firewall products.

Steve Johnson, president of Ingate Systems, said most SIP trunking providers and resellers focus on getting SMB customers to migrate from PSTN service, along with an upgrade to a SIP-ready IP-PBX system.

He said this strategy remains logical and compelling – but added that there is also a significant opportunity to migrate Enterprise class customers who maintain legacy (non-SIP) PBX and contact center systems.

"The combined security features of the Ingate SIParator with the SIP to PBX trunk conversion capability of a DMG2000 gateway enable a cost effective, secure and reliable SIP trunk interface for these customers," he said.

With this interoperability solution, both Ingate and Dialogic products are deployed on the customer premises to support the SIP trunking service.

The Ingate products are deployed at the network edge between a wide area IP network and the corporate LAN, securely passing SIP signaling and VoIP media streams to and from the corporate LAN.

The Dialogic gateway resides on the corporate LAN and is connected to the legacy PBX or contact center via traditional T1/E1 trunk ports.

The DMG2000 gateway passes the SIP Trunk signaling and media from the Ingate SIParator to the PBX by emulating traditional PSTN trunk services.

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