Digital-Quality Cellular VoIP Application Now Available to Smartphone Users Worldwide for as Little as Two Cents Per Minute

i2Telecom International, Inc, a developer of VoIP products and services, has announced the launch of MyGlobalTalk for BlackBerry and Windows Mobile users.

The software allows uses Internet telephony to make international and long distance cellular calls independent of wireless carrier, smartphone handset make, or voice/data plan for as low as two cents per minute anywhere in the world.

i2Telecom said that non-smartphone users can also access the same benefits by using the MyGlobalTalk “Bridge”.

Paul Arena, CEO of i2Telecom, said today’s economy required business executives to be smart about how they push business forward domestically and abroad.

He said MyGlobalTalk provided a high-quality, low-cost option for their communications needs.

“We are the sensible solution for smartphone users who require an alternative to overpriced international rate plans, hidden fees and poor call quality,” he said.

MyGlobalTalk enables digital-quality international and long-distance calls to be made at a cost lower than that charged by wireless carriers and, because it does not require local access to the Internet, it is functional virtually anywhere.

Customers only pay for the calls they make with no contracts, connection fees, monthly or minimum charges.

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