Telecomms veteran Andy Berman has been appointed Chief Executive Officer of i2Telecom International.

The move follows a "transitional period" for the Atlanta-based company which has seen it shift priorities towards mobile applications and services.

Berman, 50, replaces founder and current CEO Paul Arena, who will remain the chairman of the board, secretary and CFO.

A director of i2Telecom since last April, Berman said i2Telecom had created a valuable intellectual property portfolio surrounding its Internet telephony and mobile applications technology.

He said this provided it with an excellent platform from which to deliver end-to-end Internet telephony solutions and applications on an international scale.

i2Telecom products and services include VoiceStick, MyGlobalTalk and Digital Portal communications and microgateway adapters for VoIP long-distance services.

"Unlike many of its competitors, i2Telecom has successfully developed award-winning solutions and applications that are superior for the communications needs of users in many demographics," he said.

"I hope to leverage my business and sales experience to assist i2Telecom in penetrating a variety of key strategic markets."

Berman said the company was currently in negotiations regarding initiatives that should expand the market for, and revenues from, its products and services.

"We believe that certain new products we have developed are ahead of the market curve and have the potential to drive powerful newly identified business relationships," he said.

Among those are a new mobile VoIP solution being readied for launch that will allow users to make low-cost international calls from anywhere in the world using one SIM card.

With over 27 years of industry experience, Berman has been involved in nearly all sectors of the technology and telecommunications industries and was instrumental in revolutionizing global Internet connectivity in the early 1990s.

He has extensive experience in the disciplines of strategic alliance planning and business development, as well as sales and marketing, product development and distribution.

Berman is the founder and owner of Virenta LLC, a consulting group of high-level executives specializing in strategic global alliances and business development for the technology and telecommunications industries.

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