Global IP Solutions, a provider of HD voice and video processing solutions, announced yesterday another first-to-market with GIPS VideoEngine for Android, which provides mobile developers the vital building blocks for integrating video conferencing/video chat into applications running Google’s Android mobile operating system.

Mobile video application revenue is expected to double worldwide over the next four years to $2.42 billion, with much of the growth taking place this year, according to U.K.-based research firm Screen Digest.

According to Joyce Kim, GIPS’ Chief Marketing Officer, mobile applications are becoming more and more sophisticated and by providing HD voice and video capabilities inside their applications, GIPS customers continually differentiate themselves to lead the mobile application market.

“GIPS continues to innovate for mobile application developers by offering the ability to incorporate high-quality voice and video communications without having to worry about the complex challenges of wireless networks,” he said.

Now with GIPS VideoEngine Mobile, developers can integrate the real-time video technology overcoming the multiple issues intrinsic to IP networks and devices. “By dealing with obstacles such as delay, packet loss, bandwidth limitations and echo; GIPS VideoEngine Mobile ensures video conversations dynamically adjust with Wi-Fi or 3G cellular network conditions maintaining great caliber video,” the company claims.

“GIPS VideoEngine is capable of running on a wide variety of smartphone devices globally,” said Ronald Gruia, Frost & Sullivan’s Principal Analyst of Emerging Telecom.

“Android is becoming the fastest growing operating system and with the addition of Android video support from GIPS, application developers can utilize established real-time video expertise without the need for heavy R&D investment to offer real time voice and video capabilities.”

GIPS VideoEngine Mobile is available on Android, iPhone and Windows Mobile OS platforms.

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