Global IP Solutions announced that it has been selected by LG Mobile to provide HD voice for its Fixed Mobile Convergence solution.

FMC allows telecom operators to combine fixed telephony, cellular telephony and broadband into unified end-user services. The aim is to provide both services with a single phone, which could switch between networks ad hoc. Several industry standardisation activities have been completed in this area such as the Voice call continuity (VCC) specifications defined by the 3GPP.

Typically, these services rely on Dual Mode Handsets, where the customers’ mobile terminal can support both the wide-area (cellular) access and the local-area technology (for VoIP). However, an alternative approach achieves FMC over 3G mobile networks – eliminating the requirement for Dual Mode. LG SU210

Last month LG announced the KH3900 JoyPop, the company’s first FMC phone.

LG Electronics added HD Voice capabilities to its FMC application by integrating GIPS VoiceEngine Mobile, which includes advanced acoustic echo cancellation (AEC) technology. “Good AEC implementation is critical to improve quality of voice calls on mobile devices,” according to LG.

The company also said that GIPS’ strong local support and expertise team in South Korea ensured a smooth implementation of voice processing technology in their smartphone model SU210/KU2100/LU2100 for FMC solution.

LG will be initially selling this product to service providers, starting with the South Korea market.

According to GIPS’ CEO Emerick Woods, implementing GIPS HD voice technology offers service providers assurances that network, bandwidth and delay issues will be overcome.

GIPS has already enabled HD Voice and Video Chat to the iPad, iPhone as well as to the Android mobiles.

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