Facebook just recently introduced video calling in Messenger. With the update, you can now have face-to-face conversations with your fellow “Facebookers” via Messenger.

You can quickly turn a chat into a video call by tapping the video icon available at the top right corner of the screen and you can do this from within an existing Messenger conversation.

Facebook Messenger already has the voice calls function and the introduction of the video calling function will more than likely expand Messenger’s user base. It is interesting to see how the 600 million plus Messenger users receive the service.

The video calling function is available across platforms regardless of one’s OS and it is the latest feature to be added to Messenger, which is great news to users who are already using Messenger to send money to friends.

The video calling feature is already available to Android and iOS users living in Greece, Norway, Oman, Poland, Ireland, Laos, Portugal, the UK, the US,  Lithuania, Nigeria, Belgium, Canada, Croatia, Denmark, Mexico, France, and Uruguay.

The service will be rolled out on an ongoing basis to other locales and regions in the coming months.

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