Ditech Networks today announced that its Packet Voice Processor (PVP) is now available in a smaller size.

The move will give network operators and enterprises greater flexibility to support VoIP, 3G and Web 2.0 services.

PVP now can be configured and deployed to support 1,000-4,000 sessions at the network’s edge, and up to 16,000 sessions in the core of the network.

The company says this range and configurability make its PVP product the industry’s most flexible voice quality platform for IP services.

Although the demand for VoIP, 3G and Web 2.0 services continues to increase significantly, the volume of IP voice traffic can vary widely at different points in the network.

Network operators and enterprises need the ability to support a wide range of call volumes and the flexibility to increase capacity as demand for IP voice services grows.

Ditech’s PVP product supports early stage markets and services, in addition to supporting the high-capacity requirements of IP voice services in the core of the network.

Karl Brown, vice president of marketing at Ditech Networks, said the new low-density PVP chassis had all of the same functionality and performance of the higher-capacity product.

But he said it was implemented in a way that offered network operators and enterprises more deployment options.

“Ditech’s new form factor and session capacity ensures that PVP can meet the different network requirements of supporting the growth of IP voice services,” he said.

Ditech’s PVP product now is available in two platform options: 13RU, 14-slot chassis for up to 16,000 sessions; and 5RU, 6-slot chassis for 1,000-4,000 sessions.

Cards in the 6-slot chassis can be redeployed in the 14-slot chassis as the demand for network capacity increases.

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