Dialogic announced that it has entered into an agreement with Ingate Systems and says this allows them to incorporate the SIP Trunking software module from Ingate into a new enterprise border element designed to connect virtually any SIP trunk with virtually any PBX, to facilitate seamless SIP trunk deployments in legacy TDM and hybrid PBX environments, as well as new SIP-based PBX systems.

“PBX’s are transitioning from the traditional TDM PBX’s to hybrid PBX’s, IP-PBXs, and Unified Communications solutions creating a heterogeneous TDM/SIP trunk environment and there is a significant opportunity to provide connectivity and security between public and private networks,” said Franz-Josef Eberle, Vice President and General Manager for the Enterprise Market Group at Dialogic.

The Ingate SIP Trunking software module provides enterprise session border control along with the routing capabilities necessary to connect SIP trunks to enterprise networks and branch offices by employing Ingate’s proxy-based traversal and security technology.

The SIP Trunking software also is designed to resolve interoperability issues between service providers’ SIP services and the SIP-based systems being deployed inside corporate data networks today.

Dialogic’s media gateway technologies provide the protocols and interfaces necessary to connect with a wide variety of legacy telephony equipment and networks, both TDM and IP.

Dialogic says its new enterprise border element will combine the functions normally found in a media gateway and an enterprise session border controller into a single product. “The result will be a solution that is designed to connect virtually any trunk with virtually any PBX, thus helping to resolve the connectivity issues with the heterogeneous environment,” says the company.

According to Steven Johnson, President of Ingate Systems, the Dialogic solution will open the opportunity of a rapid return on investment to enterprises with mixed PBX environments, including those using traditional PBXs.

Dialogic plans to make a first set of enterprise border elements available later this year with product configurations offering SIP trunking legacy PBX connectivity via PRI/E1/T1 and ISDN BRI.

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