DeFi Offers Worldwide Wifi VoIP

DeFi Mobile has launched a new service that aims to reduce international mobile roaming charges by substituting wifi VoIP for cellular calls whenever possible.

DeFi Global Access lets customers use their dual-mode cellular/wifi handsets to make calls through international wifi hotspots.

It costs USD $40 per month and gives users a phone number in the country of their choice – currently from a list of 40.

This allows them to make and receive unlimited global wifi calls.

For an extra USD $10 per month customers can have two more numbers in any of the listed countries, so that friends and relatives in those locations can phone them for the price of a local call.

The flat monthly fee lets customers connect through the hotspots of a longlist of operators, including AT&T Wireless, FON,, Orange France SA, T-Mobile International AG and VEX.

DeFi says it has arranged more than 50 partnerships that provide wifi access in upward of 75 countries, 15,000 hotels and 120 airports.

Jeff Rice, CEO of DeFi, said to ensure call quality customers would have direct connections with hundreds of telecom carriers through a colocation center in a major undersea cable landing station.

Users download client software to their handset – currently it’s available for Nokia Symbian handsets, with other versions coming.

The software automaticaly makes a connection when the handset is in range of an accessible hotspot, and routes calls over the DeFi network rather than the cellular network.

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