Cisco is developing a 320Mbps cable modem – the DPC3212.

It will be one of the first to use the DOCSIS 3.0 standard to pass 300Mbps.

Equipped with a new Broadcom chip, it joins eight – rather than four – cable channels together to reach the maximum speed.

Capable of 120Mbps upstream, the cable modem lets Internet providers ramp up speeds progressively by limiting how many channels are used until the network can handle the load.

The DPC3212 also carries space for two lines on cable providers with VoIP service.

The network hardware producer expects to submit the DPC3212 to CableLabs for approval before the spring.

It would then be available by mid-2010.

The technology should lead to increased speeds for DOCSIS 3 services.

Services such as Comcast’s in the US currently tops out at 50Mbps but upgrades to modems and the network could see them reach 160Mbps.

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