AudioCodes has teamed up with MailVision to offer a mobile soft client (Pico) and a versatile mobile clients’ Distribution Platform to Israel’s leading mobile service provider, Cellcom.

As a result, Cellcom is to offer a new service called Cellcom Link, which allows roaming subscribers to initiate voice calls and send text messages (SMS) over a Wi-Fi connection, via their current mobile handsets at low rates.

Leev Lerner, CEO of MailVision, a provider of SIP Mobile Platforms for Wireless and NGN Service Providers, said its Pico Client delivers high voice quality to subscribers allowing them to utilize their personal handset and telephone number when travelling abroad.

He said the PICO software has the ability to retain a mobile phone’s existing address book contacts, enabling users to use their regular phone interface.

"Mobile operators are now able to offer an alternative to low cost PC based calls," he said.

"By selecting to use our advanced mobile VoIP solution platform, Mobile operators can offer roaming end-users the ability to make calls at a significantly reduced rate."

Adi Cohen, vice president of marketing at Cellcom, said the service is not intended to replace the existing Cellcom Abroad service.

"Rather (it is) to serve as an additional solution for customers travelling abroad who make many phone calls with Wi-Fi supported devices and would like to cut costs, while retaining their personal cellphone number," he said.

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