C2Call has launched a second beta of its computer-to-computer service that allows free calls around the world.

The German startup also introduced new APIs – software tools that enable social media sites to add browser-based voice calls to any Web site.

Martin Feuerhahn, CEO of C2Call, said a major appeal of C2C was its simplicity and the fact calls were made direct from the browser.

He said users no longer had to download, install, configure and update special software just to make VoIP calls or just to talk only to users on the same service.

"Instead of tapping out messages to online friends on social media sites, C2Call gets people talking – which helps to increase use of the site," he said.

For users, computer to landline and computer to mobile calls cost from two cents (Euro) per minute, depending on tariffs – and C2Call displays rates when they apply, as that call is made.

There are no connection charges or set-up fees.

C2Call is platform independent. It works by temporarily loading a Java widget into Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox when running under the Windows, Mac or Linux operating systems.

The widget establishes a peer-to-peer voice connection that works behind firewalls.

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