There are over 100 service providers offering business VoIP services in EMEA and new ones being added every quarter, according to “EMEA Business VoIP Services Leadership Matri,” a new report recently released by Infonetics Research.

“In all parts of EMEA, including Africa and the Middle East, we are seeing strong deployments of IP Centrex services. In evaluating the top 10 IP Centrex providers across the region, we found the list dominated by incumbent operators,” said Diane Myers, directing analyst for service provider VoIP and IMS at Infonetics Research

According to him, this is reflective of the services landscape in EMEA, which consists of providers competing nationally rather than regionally, resulting in few of the top 10 providers competing against each other.

The most interesting result is the growing success of providers focused on FMC (fixed-mobile convergence) capabilities, capitalizing on the trend of businesses moving more employees to only mobile devices, says the report.

The analysts also found that providers with IP Centrex service offerings in multiple countries have an edge in terms of total subscribers or seats due to the size of their network footprints.

According to the report, the top EMEA IP Centrex service providers overall are, in no particular order: T-Systems, BT, and Vodafone. There is a growing list of providers close behind this top 10 across Western and Eastern Europe and also Africa, signalling continuing strength in IP Centrex across the region

Unlike in North America, where IP Centrex providers are predominantly competitive operators with financial constraints, financial stability is a non-factor in analyzing the top 10 providers in EMEA.

The report also says that, while in North America only a few providers have broken the 100,000-seat mark, the top providers in EMEA are all close to or exceed 100,000 IP Centrex seats

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