Black Diamond Video launched its comprehensive high definition conferencing solution, Sapphire-QHD1, a four-faceted package that offers bi-directional HD video and audio conferencing, unidirectional HD video and audio streaming, HD video recording, and HD image capture.

Black Diamond Video’s HIPAA compliant Sapphire-QHD1 can be incorporated into BDV’s popular Integrated Digital Surgical Suite (IDSS) for medical applications or stand alone as a commercial, business, or military conferencing system.

Sapphire-QHD1’s conferencing element provides bi-directional HD video and audio conferencing functionality. VoIP support allows phone calls into and out of the conference room, command center, or OR with no external, third party conferencing codec required. BDV’s Sapphire-QHD1 is compatible with all major conferencing systems that can support SIP and H.323 protocols, including Polycom, Tandberg, Codian, and Sony.

Sapphire-QHD1 is also equipped with HD video streaming capability. A close relative to Sapphire-QHD1’s bidirectional HD conferencing feature, HD streaming facilitates unidirectional communication via H.264. According to the company, any HD video source can be combined with a superior quality audio feed and streamed to up to 80 remote clients. By utilizing BDV’s proprietary streaming algorithms, such a massive number of clients can be served without degradation of video or audio quality. When streaming, the remote user’s credentials and access rights are controlled by the local user’s Active Directory/LDAP servers and can be fine tuned to accommodate the customer’s requirements.

While conferencing or streaming, the local user can route a video source to any destination or permit far-end camera control (FECC) or far-end video source selection (FEVSS). Once a conference or stream is initiated or accepted via the Sapphire-QHD1’s intuitive touch panel controls, the incoming video stream can be routed to any destination, including surgical and wall displays. By utilizing the embedded dual-tri-quad view windowing functionality, users can simultaneously see their own video sources side by side with far end video feeds.

Describing the versatility of the system, Ed Priest, Founder and CEO of Black Diamond Video, commented, “Our Sapphire-QHD1 is an extensive solution that reaches beyond medical market applications. HD audio and video conferences can be initiated and accepted with the push of a few buttons from a business conference room. Military personnel can easily and securely conference with remote forces to discuss plans of action while panning and zooming surveillance cameras to view activity from thousands of miles away, all with the greatest detail possible thanks to our high definition video feed.”

First deployment of the Sapphire-QHD1 conferencing solution will occur at Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center in Connecticut, with updates of existing IDSS systems at other leading medical institutions to follow shortly thereafter.

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