Acrobits, a Czech Republic-based mobile software development company, has just released their latest white label clients for the iPhone: PLFon, TeleSIP and sipcall.

This comes on the heels of their recent announcement to put renewed focus on creating white label softphones for the iPhone. These SIP VoIP providers are now on even footing with the VoIP giants that already have their own softphone applications on the iPhone.

The white label clients give the providers access to iPhone customers they might not reach otherwise. Though Acrobits Softphone is compatible with virtually any SIP provider, some customers are more likely to use a provider that has their own softphone.

“While techies love plaving with different softphones and comparing VoIP operators, your average VoIP user is going to do most of their calling through one provider. Having your own iPhone Softphone application brings you one step closer to convincing customers to give your service a try, rather than one of the other hundreds of VoIP operators that are out there,” says Acrobits.

Acrobits Softphone, the SIP VoIP phone for the iPhone and iPod Touch, is the flagship product of our company, which is also planning to support Symbian and Windows Mobile phones in the near future.

Acrobits is already working on Softphone clients for other VoIP operators, including Gizmo5.

“VoIP service is a highly competitive industry and VoIP usage on mobile devices, especially the iPhone, will play a large part in deciding who tomorrow’s leading VoIP providers are,” says Acrobits.

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