Acrobits has launched a new free service which allows SIP providers to appear on the list of pre-configured providers in Acrobits Softphone.

Customers of pre-configured providers won’t have to go through the complexities of SIP account configuration, they only need to enter their username & password and they are ready to make calls.

The company also informed that it has released the new 3.2.3 version of its Softphone.

The latest update to Acrobits Softphone features some minor bug fixes and configurable packet size for codecs.

Acrobits Softphone 3.2.3 is already available on the App Store.

Acrobits Softphone, the SIP VoIP phone for the iPhone and iPod Touch, is the flagship product of our company, which is also planning to support Symbian and Windows Mobile phones in the near future.

Acrobits is already working on Softphone clients for other VoIP operators, including Gizmo5.

“VoIP service is a highly competitive industry and VoIP usage on mobile devices, especially the iPhone, will play a large part in deciding who tomorrow’s leading VoIP providers are,” says Acrobits.

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