Acme Packet has been selected by two European operators to provide them with IMS-based services.

Telefonica O2 Germany and Telnor Sweden are to use Acme Packet Net-Net 4000 series session border controllers (SBCs) at access and interconnect borders for IMS services.

Telefónica O2 Germany will use Acme Packet’s SBCs to provide key IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) functionality at its access and interconnect borders.

The Net-Net Session Director (SD) enables the company to deploy a secure and interoperable IMS network supporting residential retail and wholesale VoIP services and IP interconnects with other service providers.

Telenor Sweden, the second-largest service provider in Sweden, will also use SBCs to control the access and IP interconnect borders to its IMS data centers.

Currently Telenor Sweden offers hosted business unified communications using its IMS service infrastructure.

Seamus Hourihan, VP marketing and product management, Acme Packet

Seamus Hourihan, vice president of marketing and product management for Acme Packet, said IMS had passed the hype stage but actual deployments had now arrived.

He said the majority of current deployments of IMS are in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region but in Latin America and North America is growing.

"Acme Packet Net-Net SBCs provide critical access and interconnect border functions—securing service elements, maximizing service reach and assuring SLAs—that enable service providers to deliver IMS-based services to business and residential customers," he said.

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