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LG announced a partnership with Korea Digital Satellite Broadcasting – SkyLife, one of the biggest 3D content providers.

The company says the partnership will focus on developing technology that helps produce 3D images that don’t cause eye strain or dizziness – an issue that has plagued previous technologies.

SkyLife aims to be the top digital satellite 3D broadcaster in Korea. The company plans to invest USD 25 million in creating 3D content in collaboration with LG.

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Boeing, who has provided advanced satellite systems to DIRECTV for more than 16 years, announced that DIRECTV 12 was shipped Nov. 25 from Boeing’s satellite manufacturing facility in El Segundo to the Baikonur Cosmodrome launch facility in Kazakhstan.

DIRECTV 12 is the 11th satellite Boeing has built for DIRECTV. According to the company, the new satellite will increase DIRECTV’s high-definition capacity by 50 percent, and when combined with the DIRECTV 10 and 11 satellites that launched in 2007 and 2008, will enable DIRECTV to deliver 200 national and 1,500 local HDTV channels to “millions of U.S. households”.

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VIDEO INTERVIEW. VideoWeb has developed a receiver that combines HDTV broadcasting, internet TV and numerous internet applications in a single unit.

Doris Kucera, Press Officer of VideoWeb gave reporters a short introduction to the company as well as a live demonstration of Plus X Award-nominated WidoWeb S500.

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AT&T has announced plans to work with TerreStar to offer an integrated smartphone mobility solution that will combine primary cellular wireless connectivity with the ability to connect to a satellite network as a backup, using one phone number and one smartphone device.

This new solution will provide users with an access to both cellular and satellite networks through a handset that is – as the companies claim – both smaller and more feature-rich than previous satellite devices.

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