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Philips confirmed U.S. retail availability for its much-anticipated Wireless HDTV Link, introduced in September at IFA 2009 in Berlin.

HDTV Link uses innovative technology to wirelessly deliver high-definition TV picture quality (up to 1080p) without ruining the aesthetics of the home.

It transmits HD signal up to 75 feet away from the TV without signal loss or degradation, making it possible e.g. to stream devices like a Blu-ray player to a TV from the other side of the room.

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Mitsubishi, Samsung, Sony, and Philips have filed a patent suit against low-cost HDTV maker Vizio claiming the company is violating 15 patents key to supporting MPEG-2 video in its products.
The legal action is seeking an order to prevent Vizio from using the patents, as well as financial compensation.
According to the complaint – other parties to which also include Columbia University of New York, Victor Co. of Japan, and Thompson – the individual companies have pursued Vizio about licensing the patents, but the company has refused to deal with them.
It is claimed that Vizio has also declined to discuss the matter with the MPEG Licensing Authority trade group.

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