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After “evaluating customers’ expectations and use of the iPhone compared to dozens of others AT&T offers,” the operator has finally taken the steps necessary so that Apple can enable VoIP applications on iPhone to run on AT&T’s wireless network.

Previously, VoIP applications on iPhone were enabled only for Wi-Fi connectivity. At the same time, AT&T has offered a variety of other wireless devices that enable VoIP applications on 3G, 2G and Wi-Fi networks.

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Not long after Apple removed the official Google Voice application and any other applications that use Google Voice functionality from its iPhone App Store, the Federal Communications Commission has asked both Apple and AT&T to clarify the reasons of the removal.

The companies just answered FCC and published their statements.

A bit surprisingly, Apple stated that the company has not rejected the Google Voice application, and continues to study it.

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Google Voice is testing a number portability service that would allow users to have calls transferred from an existing number to any device chosen.
Currently, the service gives users a new number for all their phones, as well as voicemail and many enhanced calling features like call blocking and screening, voicemail transcripts, call conferencing, international calls.

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