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HDTV penetration in US households is climbing so steadily that it’s apparently no longer deemed necessary to mention the high-def part.
According to Paul Gagnon, director of North America TV Market Research for DisplaySearch, “HDTV has simply become TV, with nearly every consumer either owning or understanding the benefits of HDTV and desiring to become an owner”.

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More and more younger viewers are eschewing traditional TV schedules and embracing new technology – mobile TV, DVRs, online streaming and downloading – to set their own viewing schedules.
So much so, that research just released reveals the average age of those watching TV in the US has tipped 50 for the first time.
The study of the big five US broadcast networks by research firm Magna Global shows the average viewer no longer falls within the 18-49 demographic so sought after by advertisers.
While average viewing age figures for the UK are not available, research by entertainment analysts Attentional shows viewing time among those aged 16-34 has been declining faster than other age groups.
This is a situation of which Christian Harris, CEO of mobile video provider Gorillabox, is fully aware.

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