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According to the recent Canalys Smartphone Analysis, the smart phone market continues to increase as a proportion of the overall mobile phone market in the US.

Despite a drop in market growth to 6% in Q3 2009, down from 37% in Q2 2009, smart phones represented 26% of all mobile phones shipped in Q3 2009. This is up from 24% in Q2 2009 and will continue to rise in coming quarters.

The top two smart phone vendors increased their combined market share in Q3 to 76.3%. Research in Motion (RIM) held 48.1% while Apple held 28.2%.

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VIDEO INTREVIEW. This time at IFA 2009 our reporters interviewed Riddhi Patel, the iSuppli analyst. Riddhi is responsible for the television and plasma display panel (PDP) analysis. She shared with us her latest discoveries on HDTV market as well as her opinion of the nearest future of LCD technology that has dominated our living rooms.

She was visiting this year’s Berlin expo looking for some big innovations. Watch the video to check out if she has found anything that took her breath away.

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Black Friday has arrived in the US and many retailers are hoping fears of prolonged economic difficulties will not hamper consumers’ appetite for spending – not least for HDTVs.
Paul Gray, Display Search’s director of European TV research, has added some intriguing analysis to the various predictions about how robust consumer demand is likely to be in key markets in the coming months.

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