Texas Memory Systems has announced its latest PCI-Express Solid State Disk aimed at mainstream businesses and applications.

The RamSan-20 offers 450GB of usable grade Flash – which the company claims makes it the highest capacity enterprise class PCIe Flash card on the market.

Described as a complete storage system on a PCIe card, the SSD accelerates server-resident applications that require large, fast buffer areas and those that are random access intensive.

Texas lists databases, video editing, financial modeling, data acquisition, scientific computing, and web content as examples of applications likely to benefit from the RamSan-20.

Woody Hutsell, president at Texas Memory SystemsAs a PCIe Flash card, said the RamSan-20 minimizes latency between the server’s processor and storage and is easily installed in minutes.

He said users are increasingly looking to SSD as they demand greater application performance.

"Beyond the Enterprise data center, the technology and cost improvements in Flash are stimulating demand," he said.

"These factors, coupled with a growing desire to reduce space and power requirements with greener storage, led us to develop the RamSan-20."

He said that to maximise performance and reliability, the RamSan-20 utilizes Single Level Cell (SLC) Flash.

It delivers 120,000 I/Os per second (IOPS) for random read operations – and Texas claims it transfers data faster than other Flash drives and "hundreds of times" faster than traditional mechanical hard drives.

A comprehensive on-board management suite ensures the RamSan-20 does not impact host resources, yet Hutsell said it delivers extreme reliability and durability, ensuring data preservation even in the event of a server crash or power outage.

The RamSan-20 is scheduled for general availability in early Q2 2009. No pricing information was available.

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