Texas Memory Systems has announced that its RamSan-500 solid state disk system has been certified as interoperable with Microsoft’s Windows Server 2008.

The RamSan-500 is an enterprise-class cached Flash storage system that delivers high performance, large capacity storage more economically than adding a similar capacity high-end hard disk-based RAID system.

The SSD system can deliver more than sixteen times the performance while using 50 per cent less power.

Woody Hutsell, president of Texas Memory Systems, said maintaining interoperability with all major platforms is vital as its customers’ IT environments continue to evolve rapidly.

He said more demanding applications are being built on the powerful Windows Server 2008 platform.

"The RamSan’s ability to solve most I/O bottlenecks and improve transaction rate increases customers’ overall IT return on investment by enabling more responsive applications and a richer experience for more concurrent users," he said.

Hutsell said the RamSan-500 delivers 100,000 I/Os per second (IOPS) sustained random read, 25,000 IOPS sustained random writes, and two gigabytes per second of sustained random read or write bandwidth, yet only consumes 250 watts of power.

The system can be SAN-attached with up to eight 4-gigabits per second Fibre Channel ports.

Multiple RamSan-500s can be combined to deliver additional high-performance capacity.

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