Teneo, an infrastructure optimisation specialist, has announced a partnership with Veloxum, a global infrastructure utilisation solutions vendor. Veloxum’s ACO offering enables VMware platforms users to analyse and optimise all elements of their platform including the server capacity, networking, physical storage and interaction with clients.

Many UK organisations have invested heavily in virtualisation projects with the promise of cost savings presented as part of a return on investment (ROI) model. To realise these savings, server platforms need to be continuously ‘tuned’ to suit the applications they are running, and without this continual optimisation it can be difficult for organisations to achieve these results.

Veloxum ACO is presented as a server specialist “in a box”, which pro-actively ‘tunes’ server settings continuously to ensure optimum performance. Through automating this process, organisations benefit from using a Veloxum appliance which can optimise processes within three minutes from cold, compared to using a specialist server engineer who could take up to three days for a single review of server configurations.

Once analysis of a server is complete, Veloxum ACO uses patent-pending algorithms to calculate the optimum server configuration settings that will improve all aspects of performance. Veloxum then implements and logs these new optimal configurations, and acts as a continuous ‘tune-up’ service to configure elements automatically without requiring any user intervention or specialist skills. Veloxum works across a range of applications and platforms, to help fine tune settings for MS SharePoint, Outlook, Exchange, VMware, Citrix, Oracle and more.

Veloxum allows organisations to increase guest to host density – to run a greater number of VMware instances without increasing physical server capacity. This can lead to dramatic cost savings in terms of deferred capital expenditure on new hardware and reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) in the areas of support, maintenance, powering and cooling requirements. Veloxum customers typically see a ROI period of less than 6 months.

Piers Carey
, chief executive officer, Teneo, commented: “Teneo has an enviable track record of building partner relationships with global solution providers who can offer game-changing solutions for our customers’ networks and IT infrastructures. Our strong relationship with Riverbed puts us at the forefront of the WAN optimisation market. Veloxum takes the same concepts into the server market and increases the scale of our data centre solution. Veloxum is unique in what it does – examining configuration settings across all elements of a client’s VMware platform and continually fine-tuning these settings to deliver dramatic improvements in efficiency and dramatic cost savings. Veloxum offers a solution that ticks all the boxes – quick deployment, guaranteed performance improvements and fast return on investment.”

Kevin Cornell, chief executive officer, Veloxum, said: “Teneo is an excellent partner for Veloxum as we know that Teneo has the experience and capability to understand how Veloxum can help VMware users and to successfully implement our ACO solution. Teneo has a reputation on both sides of the Atlantic for working with vendors who are offering cutting-edge technology to solve customers’ network and infrastructure issues. We look forward to introducing Veloxum solutions to Teneo customers.”

Veloxum was established in 2007 and is based in California. For Teneo, Veloxum adds to a growing list of best-of-breed IT infrastructure, network and application optimisation vendor partners that it serves in the UK.

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