TELEHOUSE America has announced it is offering Integralis’ data loss prevention (DLP) consulting services as part of its Manage-E solution.

Manage-E customers of TELEHOUSE can now leverage global information risk management provider Integralis’ expertise in all aspects of DLP and data risk management, as well as its comprehensive methodology to determine an organization’s unique data risk factors and the appropriate data protection policies, processes and solutions.

Akio Sugeno, TELEHOUSE’s senior director of business development, internet engineering and operations, said: "With data breach incidents, compliance pressures and the use of Web 2.0 tools rising, companies are seeking a more thorough understanding about the nature and scope of their DLP risk and how to solve it.

"Together with Integralis, we’re bringing that knowledge and service to our customers."

Web 2.0 tools, such as blogs, wikis and social media, are presenting new data security Relevant Products/Services challenges for companies, according to Eric Greenberg, senior vice president of security and risk solutions at Integralis.

"Companies are exposing all kinds of information on the Web, from sensitive HR information to IP such as future product plans," he said.

Integralis services provided through TELEHOUSE’s DLP Manage-E solution include:

  • data identification, location and classification
  • auditing and assessing at-risk data
  • policies, reporting and metrics to better manage data risk and control sprawl over the entire information lifecycle
  • recommendations and ongoing management of IT products and services to help organizations limit their DLP risk
  • Limiting proprietary and sensitive data loss is of particular concern to C-level executives when it comes to compliance

"Compliance is about controls on risk and accidental risk is uncontrolled risk," said Greenberg."There’s no doubt that organizations without Web 2.0 policies, processes and technologies in place, and ways to enforce them, are creating vulnerabilities that can lead to compliance violations."

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