StorSimple today announced integration with Amazon, EMC, Iron Mountain, and Microsoft to enable customers to seamlessly and securely use these cloud storage services with their existing data-center applications.

By providing an easy on-ramp to cloud storage for application-specific requirements, StorSimple aims to change the game by bringing the operational benefits of the cloud to applications such as SharePoint, Exchange, Windows User Files and Virtual Machines.

“With the upcoming launch of SharePoint 2010, customers will increasingly look to extend their deployments with cloud-based services,” said Ed English, group product manager, Microsoft SharePoint.

“The hybrid storage solution from StorSimple is a good example of this; it shows how SharePoint customers can realize cost and scale benefits by using the Windows Azure Platform.”

“Iron Mountain’s Archive Services platform is a natural fit for enterprises looking for simple but secure cloud storage,” said Jaimin Patel, director of developer programs, Iron Mountain Digital.

“By combining StorSimple’s robust solution with Iron Mountain’s proven cloud storage solutions, companies can now integrate secure cloud storage into their environments with the confidence that their data is protected by one of the leading information management services brands in the industry.”

"EMC believes there is an opportunity and approach to cloud storage that delivers financial and functional benefits to both our partners and the customers they serve," said Mike Feinberg, senior vice president of EMC Cloud Infrastructure Group. "By making our cloud infrastructure accessible and allowing easy API integration, we enable our partners to respond to customers’ fast-growing demand for cloud-based solutions with greater scalability, elasticity, and lower costs. We are pleased to work with StorSimple to embrace and deliver these benefits to our joint customers.”

“Our relationships with Amazon, EMC, Iron Mountain, and Microsoft allow us to deliver the integrated support and operational experience of enterprise storage with the business and operational benefits of cloud storage,” said Ursheet Parikh, co-founder and CEO of StorSimple.

“Enterprise cloud storage service providers have chosen to partner with StorSimple, because of our differentiated technology that optimizes for application-specific data-access patterns to ensure primary storage performance for target applications.”

The StorSimple Armada Storage Appliance is a hybrid storage solution that makes cloud storage appear like local data center storage that integrates into customers’ existing storage and data management tools. Armada identifies and stores all the hotspot and bottleneck data on a tier of high-performance Solid State Drives (SSD), enabling the use of lower-cost SATA storage and/or cloud storage as primary storage. StorSimple also performs real-time data de-duplication to minimize the footprint of the data stored and provides the WAN optimization functions for cloud storage. All data that is stored in the cloud is encrypted.

About StorSimple

StorSimple has developed an application-optimized hybrid storage controller for SharePoint, Exchange, Windows User Files and Virtual Machines that delivers consistent storage performance at scale, significantly simplifies data protection, and reduces cost by up to 90 percent compared to traditional enterprise storage used with these applications. StorSimple is based in the Silicon Valley and is funded by Redpoint Ventures and Index Ventures.

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