Spectra Logic, a provider of data protection solutions, has launched what it claims is the industry’s first integrated system for deduplication, remote site replication and automated migration to tape.

Demand for integrated management of tiered backup solutions is increasing as more companies consider using deduplication in their data protection environments.

Spectra’s solution integrates disk-based deduplication to tape by providing policy-based, integrated remote site replication and automated migration of replicated data to tape.

According to the company, Spectra’s nTier Deduplication is “fast, scalable and easy-to-manage.” As a fully scalable deduplication appliance for small and medium-sized organizations, nTier Deduplication offers the ability to add capacity to installed appliances as needed.

nTier Deduplication achieves increased deduplication efficiency by sharing deduplication catalogs among remote sites. Users no longer need to establish multiple policies across numerous sites or purchase separate software to move replicated deduplication data to a tape archive.

“As data volumes grow, IT Administrators are continually challenged to protect everything they need to protect,” said John Webster, senior analyst at Illuminata.

“The integration and policy-based automation of deduplication with other data protection processes available with nTier Deduplication helps IT administrators more easily and quickly meet their growing data protection obligations.”

nTier Deduplication can be scaled up to 60TBs of raw capacity, without interrupting data availability and without requiring any migration of data.

The simple field capacity upgrades are available as needed and do not require a disruptive unit replacement. The solution eliminates the need for additional equipment, multiple policies or third-party software.

nTier Deduplication runs up speeds up to 900MB per second, and the company assures that it’s compatible with all major backup software applications. Base pricing for an nTier500 v80 Deduplication appliance starts at $23,500.

At the same time Spectra has announced the general availability of its latest storage management software – BlueScale 10.6 that offers high availability features for the enterprise that were previously only available on disk.

Integrated into Spectra T-Series tape libraries, BlueScale 10.6 delivers the first “hot spare” drive available for tape libraries, proactive notification of potential hardware failure with Hardware Lifecycle Management (HLM) and auto-discovery of new media through its Media Lifecycle Management (MLM) enhancements.

The company says that “the intelligent remote management capabilities allow customers to monitor the health of media and hardware, alleviate unscheduled site visits, and reduce costs and resource requirements.”

BlueScale 10.6 is available as a free upgrade to existing customers with current support contracts.

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