Every major technology company has worked their way into the mobile marketplace, as Sony has found their foothold with the popular ebook Reader device. Now they’re taking that to the next level, with the addition of Cloud Storage capabilities.

Their new device, the Sony Reader PRS-T2, is now being released a year after the PRS-T1. While that device did gain popularity, it hasn’t been able to push aside Amazon’s Kindle. But these new upgrades may force ebook fans to sit up and take notice.

The largest change is the incorporation of Evernote in the new device. That’s Sony’s aggregation service, built off of cloud storage, giving users the ability to mark their favorite sections or quotes from an ebook and store them in the cloud. They can then reference each highlighted section at their leisure.

Evernote also gives users the ability to store video content or articles on the cloud, and then download them on demand to their Reader. That way users can read something on their home computer, and then pick up where they left off later on their mobile device. And a solid Wi-Fi connection is the only requirement.

The Sony Reader PRS-T2 also comes with much improved battery life, and a promise of two months of continual usage between charges as long as the Wi-Fi feature is disabled. That’s roughly twice the battery life of the PRS-T1, a huge improvement for avid readers.

Fans of the old device interested in checking out the new model can purchase it with a free download of the first Harry Potter book included. Future ebooks can either be borrowed from your local library or purchased for permanent download.

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