3Com is to build a next-generation data center for Sohu, one of China’s premiere online community destinations.

Sohu made its decision after a two-month field test of 3Com’s recently launched H3C data center solutions — including the S12500 Series core switch line and the S5800 Series 10-gigabit switch series.

Sun Dehe, vice president of the H3C network product line, said Sohu was impressed with the performance levels and reliability the data center network products’ unified architecture delivered.

He said the first third-generation interactive Chinese search engine launched by Sohu requires:

  • a data center platform that can support storage of 10 billion Web pages
  • a Web page update and rating system
  • high-performance, concurrent access to and from numerous server clusters
  • flexible expansion in years ahead

Dehe said that since a traditional data center architecture could not meet these requirements, Sohu decided to utilize the H3C next-generation data center architecture for its new Internet data center (IDC) equipment room.

"H3C had a long-term plan in mind when it began developing its next-generation data center solutions for enterprise customers," he said.

"For example, our unified switching architecture enables users to more easily design future-oriented applications – a characteristic required of Sohu’s data center.

"We believe more customers will adopt H3C next-generation data center solutions to take advantage of this and other technological breakthroughs to maximize the efficiency and performance of their data centers."

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