The internet cloud storage stage is set to change following the launch of a new platform. The product is the brainchild of Seagate, a firm situated in Cupertino, California. Among the benefits of the new platform include reduced infrastructural cost, improved scalability and performance. It also makes data management simple.
Among the salient features of this platform is that it eliminates the need for data centers. Users do not have to procure large storage devices. Organizations are able to maximize on savings owing to the reduction in the amount of hardware required as well as power costs.

Rocky Pimentel, an executive official from Seagate said that their teams designed a unique platform that would minimize expenditure on unnecessary software and hardware. He added that IT personnel would make use of a cost effective technology that would save their organizations a lot of money.

Yahoo is one of the clients giving the new technology a trial. Yahoo’s Kevin Graham said the company was continuously searching for ways of becoming more efficient while simplifying its infrastructure. Graham added that Yahoo had been consulting Seagate on ways through which the Kinetic Open Storage platform can yield an efficient and reliable way of storing Yahoo’s user data.

An interface intended to enable connection from client to hard drives owned by Seagate will soon be launched. Seagate has acknowledged the help it has received from other companies. These include SwiftStack, Supermicro, Newisys, Rackspace, Huawei, EVault, Basho Technologies and Dell among others.

Seagate’s core business has all along been the provision of virtual storage space. The new ambitious project, Kinetic Open Storage platform may soon change the way data centers should be formulated. Laura Dubois an authority within the industry reckons that the new technology has the potential to bring changes in the way storage is done.

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