Innovative Platform Eliminates Dedicated NVR Servers to Save Power, Reduce Rack Space, and Lower Costs

High-Definition Storage experts, Pivot3, have announced the first public demonstration of its Serverless Computing platform at ASIS International 2008 in Atlanta, Georgia.

The new platform, which runs NVR software on the storage node rather than requiring its own dedicated server, will be demonstrated in three locations at the show at the World Congress Convention Center.

The company also disclosed that five NVR companies and four channel partners had joined its newly formed Serverless Computing Certification Program (SCCP) for NVR to speed adoption of the technology in the video surveillance market.

Companies such as Exacq, Genetec, Lenel, Milestone, and OnSSI have already joined the program.

Also joining SCCP are integrators who install and support Pivot3 solutions in the field, including Southwest Surveillance Systems, Connections IT, Aware Digital Inc, and Broadcast Technologies.

The Pivot3 Serverless Computing platform allows surveillance directors to run video surveillance applications such as video recording, access control and video analytic software directly on the Pivot3 clustered storage platform.

Using this approach, users can eliminate the physical NVR server hardware required in a conventional solution to realize hard savings in cost, rack space, power and cooling.

A customer with 500 cameras, for example, can realize savings of 44 per cent in power and cooling costs, 51 per cent in rack-space usage and 22 per cent in cost savings by eliminating 15 physical servers and 5 physical failover storage RAIDs.

Dilip Sarangan, research analyst with Frost and Sullivan, said: “On average, storage solutions account for an estimated 50 per cent of all acquisition costs for video surveillance systems.

“With Serverless Computing, these costs can be reduced dramatically with all savings transferred directly to end users.”

The Pivot3 Serverless Computing Certification Partner Program is designed to help users simplify the deployment and speed the adoption of video surveillance solutions running partner software applications on the Pivot3 Serverless Computing platform.

The program is open to software leaders who are working with Pivot3 on joint sales opportunities and who are committed to providing world-class support for open-systems to their joint customers.

Pivot3 offers the following benefits to SCCP members:

* Pre- and post-sales support for qualified joint opportunities, including configuration assistance, demo systems loaners, and joint sales calls

* Joint marketing and lead-sharing activities, including joint PR, collateral, webinars, and local seminars

* Access to the Pivot3 High-Definition Video Simulator Tool, which allows partners to simulate large video workloads for performance assessments

* Access to the Pivot3 video lab and a team of dedicated engineers

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