Orange leverages ExaStore to support VOD and live streaming of French League 1 football

Orange, a subsidiary of France Telecom, has deployed the ExaStore Clustered NAS System to serve as the storage back-end for its production and distribution of French football’s key Championship matches via its mobile network.

Orange’s 5.9 million subscribers will be receiving the French League 1 football on their mobile phones via VOD and general broadcast.

Speaking at the IBC in Amsterdam, Jeronimo Munoz, Exanet’s Regional Vice President, Southern Europe, said ExaStore would ensure that Orange could always match the demand required by the ever-increasing size and quality requirements of video broadcasting.

“Most notably, ExaStore was deployed and integrated into Orange’s broadcast environment by system integrator Cognacq Jay within two weeks,” he said.

Cognacq-Jay Image (CJI), Exanet’s media partner in France, said it chose ExaStore for Orange because it provided the highest performance within the most economical system by independently scaling online, in real time, ensuring customers get their football when they want it.

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