Dell has announced that as part of its data center strategy it will focus on combining servers, storage and services optimized for virtualization in a single architecture.

As a step in this direction Dell has come out with a new series of EqualLogic iSCSI SAN with fast processors, more cache, additional Ethernet ports and support for solid state disc drives, writes Samantha Sai for

The series of storage arrays is named PS6000 and will be available in five models – PS6000E, PS6500E, PS6000X, PS6000XV and PS6000S.
This product is distinguished by its speed.

The redesigned controllers, faster processors and a fourth Gigabit Ethernet port for connectivity is expected to be 9.1 per cent faster than its predecessors for sequential write workloads and 29 per cent faster for sequential read workloads.

The arrays can be scaled up to 16 TB.

Dedicated controllers for SSD drives for PS6000S have been added to scale the performance linearly.

The SSD is 50 GB and is available in 400GB and 800 GB dual controller configurations. The array is designed for low latency, high IOPS applications.

The expanded management software suite that has been unveiled along with this hardware complements the PS6000 launch.

This software supports RAID6, Microsoft Hyper-V Smart Copysnapshots and enhanced integration for Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, VMware and Citrix XenCenter.

The technology aims to use storage resources efficiently in a networked environment.

It effectively exploits hypervisor resources in virtual machines.

The SAN headquaters is a centralized dashboard that helps administrators monitor performance and events of dozens of PS Series groups.

This technology is available free of cost and under warranty or service agreement.

The arrays are priced at USD $17000, while the SSDs are priced at USD $25000.

The series is available from Dell and its PartnerDirect, Channel partner.

An IDC report says that Dell EqualLogic holds 31% of the iSCSI San Market as on date.

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