Cloud storage provider Bitcasa has recently announced the introduction of Bitcasa CloudFS. The new platform enables developers to have control over user data, making it possible to create applications that make use of Bitcasa’s secure and scalable cloud infrastructure.

The platform also features the Bitcasa CloudFS API that enables developers to seamlessly incorporate the Bitcasa platform with other third party applications.

In November last year, the Programmable Web reported the launching of a unique developer program by Bitcasa and that it had introduced the Bitcasa API. Later on in May this year, the company then announced that there was limited availability of Bitcasa CloudFS platform and just last month the company announced the open Beta launch of the new Bitcasa CloudFS APIs.

Bitcasa CloudFS platform is different from other cloud storage platforms in that everything that is uploaded to Bitcasa is first encrypted on the user’s machine before it is transferred to Bitcasa’s servers.

In addition, anything uploaded and stored in it cannot be identified as it does not retain the names of the files and neither can the content of the files uploaded be seen.

Bitcasa CEO Brian Taptich told Programmable Web that by August this year, over 7,000 Bitcasa CloudFS accounts had been opened. He also said that a wide range of apps have been incorporated in the revamped platform.

Taptich also confirmed that that the company is regionalizing the data storage to make it possible for uploaded files to be stored in the same region or country as the device used to upload them. For instance, if a Bitcasa user uploads a file while in the US; it would be stored in a server situated in the US.

Bitcasa is also planning on coming up with more specific enterprise features like LDAP Integration and Active Directory.

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