Texas Memory Systems and Mercury Technology today announced that the Mercury Technology ultra high performance “Enterprise Cloud” hosted solutions for Oracle-based applications are powered by Texas Memory Systems’ RamSan PCIe-based solid state disks (SSD).

Users of the RamSan SSD-enabled servers see significantly higher performance so their Oracle applications can handle very high transaction volumes and more simultaneous users than is possible with hard disk-based systems.

“We added solid state disks to win additional new business with a premium enterprise cloud-based hosting service for large users of Oracle-based applications,” said Brian Day, Vice President of Sales at Mercury Technology. “We also wanted to maintain our cost advantage by building a more energy-efficient, lower-maintenance and greener, data center. The Texas Memory Systems RamSans allowed us to do that.”

The RamSan PCIe Fault Tolerant Flash-based SSD cards are easily inserted into a server’s PCIe slot to deliver up to 120,000 sustained I/Os per second (IOPS) with a mere 50 microsecond latency and just 15 watts of power. This industry-leading latency is key to RamSan’s ability to accelerate transactions and improve user response time, resulting in productivity gains for users. .

“We chose Texas Memory Systems because it is the only company that has such a long history in this technology,” continued Mr. Day.

”The other vendors are newer players, none of whom have been working in the Oracle world. It’s important to have a partner that is not only knowledgeable, but who also has first-hand experience with other customers running Oracle software, a company that develops its own products based on the feedback it gets from customers. We wanted to offer our clients the stability that only Texas Memory Systems offers today.”

“Some of the biggest, most demanding Oracle customers are hosted with Mercury Technology so we were delighted that it chose our RamSan solid state disks over all competing alternatives,” said Jamon Bowen, Director of Sales Engineering at Texas Memory Systems. “RamSan solutions are a proven way to turbo charge Oracle performance.”

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