It wasn’t THAT long ago that anything over 1GB of Flash storage was considered impressive.

Now Kingston Technology has launched its new DataTraveler 150, a 64GB USB Flash drive.

This supercedes last month’s offering – a mere 32GB – as the largest in the outfit’s entire DataTraveler line.

Jaja Lin, Kingston’s Flash business development manager, said the DataTraveler 150 takes transportable storage to the next level.

"As file sizes increase with digital media content such as music and photos, the need for USB Flash drives with high capacities will continue to rise," said Lin.

"The DT150 certainly addresses those needs today."

The rising storage capacity of USB sticks comes at a time when the number of computers infected with viruses from USB flash memory drives is spreading.

This has prompted calls for PC users to take precautions when sharing data with others via USB memory sticks.

Measuring 77.9mm x 22mm x 12.05mm, the DataTraveler 150 comes with a 5-year warranty and works with any system with a spare USB slot, including Windows, OS X, Palm OS and Linux.

The memory sticks come with a five-year warranty and are priced at USD $132 and $177.

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