Infortrend has announced the addition of 2U and 4U models to its EonStor G6 8Gb/s Fibre Channel (FC) SAN solutions.

The move by the networked storage expert to provide additional form factors is intended to help more users meet their application requirements.

The enhancements to the EonStor G6 family mean four new models – S12F-R1840/ S12F-G1840 and S24F-R1840/S24F-G1840.

Thomas Kao, product planning director at Infortrend Technology, said that to safeguard cached data during power outages, Infortrend has introduced our new CacheSafe technology for the EonStor G6 offerings.

This ensures that during a power failure the Cache Backup Module (CBM) will write all cached data to the flash backup module (FBM).

Kao said the Battery Backup Unit (BBU) will automatically supply power for this purpose. Once power is restored, the data in the flash module is written back to the storage system which ensures no data loss.

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